Description: is an addictive and thrilling multiplayer online game that will put your strategic skills to the test. In this fast-paced game, your goal is to conquer as much territory as possible by strategically expanding your hexagon-shaped base.


In, you start with a small base and your objective is to claim as much land as you can. To expand your territory, simply move your character using the arrow keys or by dragging on the screen. Whenever you enclose an area with your line, it will be added to your domain.

Dangerous Territory

However, it's not all smooth sailing in Beware of other players who are also vying for dominance. If their line intersects with yours while you are in the process of expanding, you will lose and the game will be over. Similarly, if you venture outside your base's protective barrier, you become vulnerable to enemy attacks.

Power-ups and Strategies

As you continue to claim territory and defeat other players, you can earn power-ups that provide various advantages. These power-ups can boost your speed, give you invincibility, or even capture additional land with a single stroke.

  • Speed Boost: Allows you to move faster, giving you an edge when evading enemies or claiming uncharted territory.
  • Invincibility: Grants temporary invulnerability, allowing you to cross enemy lines unharmed.
  • Mega Capture: Enables you to seize a large section of land with one swift move, aiding in quick expansion.

Strategic thinking is key in Analyze the movements of other players, plan your expansion wisely, and use your power-ups strategically to stay ahead of the competition.


Arrow keys: Move character

Drag: Alternative method for character movement

Spacebar: Use power-ups (when available)

Are you ready to dominate the battlefield and become the ultimate conqueror? Play now and prove your mastery! QA

How can I initiate online gameplay in Superhex io?

To commence your online gaming experience in Superhex io, visit the game.

What control options are available for Superhex io?

Managing your character or object within the Superhex io generally involves using the keyboard (e.g., WASD for movement) and the mouse (for aiming and performing actions). You can also access additional control buttons and settings through the in-game menu.


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