About Apes.io



Apes.io (Apes io) is an action-packed online multiplayer game where players take on the role of cute and mischievous apes. The objective in this game is to grow your ape by consuming various fruits scattered throughout the vibrant and colorful game world.


In Apes.io, players immerse themselves in a fast-paced gameplay experience. Upon starting the game, you control a small ape character and your primary goal is to eat as many fruits as you can to grow in size and strength.

  • Eat or be eaten: Be cautious of other players who are also aiming to grow their apes. Engage in intense duels and cunning strategies to defend yourself against rival apes.
  • Power-ups: Throughout the game, you will encounter various power-ups such as speed boosts, invisibility, and invincibility shields. Utilize them wisely to gain an advantage over your opponents.
  • Leaderboard: Showcase your skills and climb up the leaderboard by earning high scores. Compete with other players from around the world and establish your dominance as the top ape.

Graphics and Sound

The game features stunning 3D graphics with vibrant and detailed environments. The colorful visuals create an immersive atmosphere that truly brings the ape-filled world to life.

  • Whimsical soundtrack: Enjoy a lively and entertaining soundtrack that perfectly complements the fun and energetic gameplay.
  • Sound effects: Fruits crunching, apes chattering, and intense duels are accompanied by crisp sound effects that enhance the overall gaming experience.


Apes.io offers an exciting and addicting gaming experience for players who enjoy multiplayer action games. With its charming visuals, fast-paced gameplay, and competitive leaderboard, it is sure to keep players entertained for hours.

Apes.io QA

How can I initiate online gameplay in Apes io?

To commence your online gaming experience in Apes io, visit the game.

What control options are available for Apes io?

Managing your character or object within the Apes io generally involves using the keyboard (e.g., WASD for movement) and the mouse (for aiming and performing actions). You can also access additional control buttons and settings through the in-game menu.


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